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Margarita Man® Frosé mix concentrate. Our Frosé mix is made with pure cane sugar and organic strawberry and lemon flavors. Mix with Rosé wine to make mouthwatering Frosé. See why our delicious frosé mix has quickly become one of our best sellers. Hint: it’s because our customers say it’s the best frosé mix they’ve ever had. One half-gallon produces 3.5 gallons of frozen Frosé and yields 56 perfect Frosé drinks (8 ounces each) with alcohol mixed in, or 40 non-alcoholic slushies. Compare our Frosé to the other brand, and you’ll see that Margarita Man® Frosé makes one-third more drinks for half the cost. The best part is our Frosé tastes 100% better, or your money back. Check out our Frosé Mixing Guide for more info.

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